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Trigger everytime a new item text on HackerNews match at least one mention (hackernews) - trigger module
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For every new item since last trigger (as identified by being above the last max ID), collect the ones that match at least of the mention

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import * as wmill from "";

const MAX_LOOKBACK = 100

export async function main(mentions: string[]) {
  let lastState = await wmill.getInternalState();
  console.log(`lastState: ${lastState}`);

  let maxItem = await getMaxItem();
  console.log(`maxItem: ${maxItem}`);

  if (!lastState) {
    console.log(`First run of trigger, looking back to MAX_LOOKBACK (100) elements`);
    lastState = maxItem - MAX_LOOKBACK;

  maxItem = Math.min(maxItem, lastState + MAX_LOOKBACK)

  const items = [];
  for (let i = lastState; i < maxItem; i++) {
    console.log(`fetching id: ${i}`);
    const item = await getItem(i)
    if (mentions.find((mention) => item.text?.includes(mention))) {
  await wmill.setInternalState(maxItem);

  return items;

export async function getMaxItem() {
  const res = await fetch("");
  return Number(await res.text());

export async function getItem(id: number) {
  const res = await fetch(
  return res.json();

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